Basic Information

1st European Renal Molecular Pathology Course
6 European Universities + 1 ICT SME
12 European young students
EC Funding: 390.632 euro
Duration: 1st Sep 2016 to 31st Aug 2019

Scientific Context

A proper diagnosis of the renal diseases foresees the ability to correctly decipher clinical and molecular signs of renal disease and to carry out a careful histopathological analysis of the renal damage.
This precision medicine approach will allow early diagnosis and prognosis of common and rare renal disease.

Societal Challenge

A specific training course on omics sciences applied to nephropathology will train the renal pathologist of the future able to perform renal biopsy and to interpret signatures of kidney damage at histological and molecular level.

Improve your skills in renal disease diagnostics


Our project objectives are:

To strengthen the cooperation among Universities in order to boost innovation and exchange of best practices.

To develop a multidisciplinary and highly specialized training course in Nephrology, Pathology and Molecular Medicine Applied to Nephrology.

To train a new professional, the renal molecular pathologists, able to evaluate clinical, histopathological and molecular signatures of renal damage.

To set-up an e-learning course containing learning materials specifically designed to train physicians, pathologists and molecular biologists to perform diagnosis and manage chronic kidney diseases correctly.

A comprehensive approach to renal pathology


A new path for precision medicine


International cooperation to achieve best practices in clinical nephropathology, telepathology and molecular diagnostics of renal disease


Steering Committee


Project Coordinator

Internal Quality Control Committee


Università degli Studi di Bari
WP 1 Leader


Grifo Multimedia, all partners
WP 2 Leader


AMC, all partners, M8-M32
WP 3 Leader


UKA, M6-M36
WP 4 Leader


All Partners
WP 5 Leader

A multilevel approach to study renal disease


1. E-Learning Platform

The ReMAP e-learning platform (Learning Management System or LMS) is the online tool that allows trainees to access the three modules that make up the ReMAP training course (Nephropathology, Telepathology and OMICS applied to Nephrology), providing all the learning materials and the lectures video-recorded using the integrated virtual classroom facilities. It will also provide surveys and questionnaires to assess the effectiveness of the training programmes.

Partners Involved: Grifo Multimedia (leader), UNIBA, UKA, CUNI, UCY, AMC, IIS-FJD

2. Training Course in Clinical Nephrology

The first module provides detailed knowledge about acquired and inherited kidney diseases. The lectures are focused on etiopathogenesis, diagnosis, prognosis and management.

Partners Involved: UKA (leader), UNIBA, UKA, CUNI, UCY, AMC, IIS-FJD, Grifo Multimedia

3. Training Course in Digital Pathology

The second module provides theory and practical knowledge of telepathology applied to renal diseases.

Partners Involved: AMC (leader), UNIBA, UKA, CUNI, UCY, IIS-FJD, Grifo Multimedia

4. Training Course in OMICS applied to Nephrology

The third module provides state of the art knowledge and practical skills on new high-throughput techniques in OMICS sciences applied to Nephrology.

Partners Involved: UNIBA (Leader), UCY, UKA, IIS-FJD, Grifo Multimedia

5. Testing and release of the e-learning ReMAP training course

The e-learning training course made up of the three modules (Clinical Nephrology, Digital Pathology and OMICS applied to Nephrology) will be evaluated by 12 external auditors through a pilot study before its final release.

This task involves recruiting 12 participants for the pilot testing and developing a plan to define data to be collected, and how they will be collected. The plan will include questionnaires and interviews in order to record customer satisfaction and get suggestions to improve the e-learning course.


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